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In addition to entertaining your little ones, our curated cartoons also educate youth on popular musical instruments, the colors of the rainbow, and much, much more.

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Tired of monitoring the online content your child consumes? We can help. Baseplay provides hours of ad-free, age-appropriate entertainment, and education options.

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Fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, Baseplay Family can be accessed simultaneously across 4 screens, making it perfect for share sibling usage.


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Think kids are the only ones who can benefit from access to our curated, streaming content? Think again. In addition to family-friendly fun, Baseplay provides subscription-based streaming options covering movies, games, fitness, and more!


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Baseplay Family is a kids friendly portal where you have unlimited access to Kids series, documentaries, interactive educational games, nursery rhymes and much more.
Baseplay Family costs $1.99 per month with credit card. (For mobile billing pricing varies depending on your carrier). Premium access includes unlimited access to all content, ad-free and no in-app purchases.
While you can access select content on Family for free, we suggest only allowing your kids access on the premium version to ensure no ads and no in-app purchases.
Baseplay Family is available online at and on the play store on any mobile enabled device and adapts to all screen resolutions.
Click here to upgrade your account to a premium account and get unlimited, ad-free access to all the premium content on Baseplay Family. If you’re having trouble accessing the product please reach out to our team at
You can cancel anytime by visiting the support section and following the appropriate steps depending if you have subscribed through credit card or through mobile billing.
If in doubt you can always contact us on and we’ll be happy to help.
If you cancel your subscription you will still have free access to limited content with ads.